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In this practice I have no signed contracts with insurance carriers or third party payers, so that my allegiance and advocacy is focused only on YOU.  
The insurance companies do not dictate as to what tests can be ordered or what treatment can be recommended.
We are free to determine which tests to order that you and I agree are needed to properly evaluate YOU.  There is no interference from insurance clerks who do not know you and your needs.
Therefore, I are not a contracted provider for any private or government insurance plans (including Medicare, Medicaid or Champus/TriCare).
To keep my costs (and your fees) lower, I do not have an insurance staff to file insurance claims for you.  I will provide you with documentation such as service codes and receipts for you to file your claim with your insurance carrier after your appointment. 
Most patients are reimbursed by their insurance plans a percentage of the fees depending on the plan and the terms of coverage for out-of-network coverage.  Since each plan has different terms I am not able to tell ahead of time what reimbursement is possible.    The diagnosis and service codes required can only be determined after the consultation.    I can provide you with a letter explaining the charges to file with your plan.
You may not be aware that doctors who have signed insurance contracts are required to send medical information directly to insurance companies, without the patient’s further permission, when requested by the insurance company to process a claim.
Because I do not contract with insurance companies, or file insurance claims, I do not send records directly to any insurance carrier.  This insures your medical privacy.  Your medical records are only given to YOU.  You can decide what information you wish released to any other third party – whether it is a doctor or an insurance company.
My policy is payment in full at the time an appointment is made and when lab requisitions are sent. We accept check, cash, money order, or credit card. Using your credit card allows YOU to decide the payment plan that best fits your needs and budget.
My objective is to provide the most complete and contemporary medical evaluation and comprehensive care for your optimal healthy longevity.  Restoring normal metabolic function and optimal hormone balance to encourage the body to heal after years of dysfunction takes time, patience, and good communication. I will do my best to seek and find answers to complex problems.  Your participation is welcomed in this practice, as we work together for your health.