Come and spend 3 days with your Doctor. 

We love living in nature.  The program is secluded on 60 acres of forested land in Freeport, ME.   We are close to the coast, and in the midst of all outdoor recreational activities:  land and sea.  The residence includes a physician's office, exam rooms, guest rooms, demonstration kitchen, and audiovisual room. 

It is our passion to bring “BabyBoomers” like ourselves, along with their parents and their children for an immersion into a Therapeutic Lifestyle Program which is specifically prescribed for the individual's  medical needs, and also for the entire family. 

For life long success it is always best for the entire family to be educated, engaged, and motivated together.

Services include:

1. Short stay (typically up to 3 days) immersion program for individual, couples, and families
       (Accommodations on site or optional at nearby resorts, hotels, bed & breakfast)
2. Comprehensive medical evaluation  (Blood tests  can be arranged prior to your arrival)
3. Nutrition and fitness evaluation 
4. Prescribed nutrition and individualized exercise programs
       a. Demonstration kitchen: shopping, meal planning and preparation, meal presentation, family cooking      5.Educational sessions
Optional Components may include:
Gourmet cooking classes
Sports with expert to fit shoes, bikes, skis to incorporate exercise prescription into recreational activities
Exercise and nutritional enhancement for the athlete, young or old.
Family style weight loss through therapeutic lifestyle changes  for patients including their family
Diabetes reversal immersion program
Intensive weight loss "jump start"  immersion program with a prescription customized just for you.
Preventive and rehabilitative cardiology: plaque stabilization and reversal after heart attack, PCI, CABG
Preventive aging and optimal healthy longevity programs throughout the entire age spectrum
Pediatric and adolescent therapeutic lifestyle changes with personalized diet and exercise
The ultimate makeover for the bride and groom to look their best at the most important moment.
Pre-natal  nutrition and exercise  for safe weight loss, and to reverse gestational diabetes and  hypertension.          Optimal health and prevention for peri-menopause and menopause
Optimal health and prevention for andropause
Couples Connect program for declining libido and sexual function leading to loss of sexual quality and quantity 

For more information call us today.  We can customize a program specifically for you.

Lowell I Gerber MD MS FACC
100 Spencer’s Ridge Road
Freeport, ME 04032

207 263-4520 mobile
207 869-9010  office

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