MPBN: Freeport Firefighters Pioneer New Cardiac Tests in U.S.

Portland Press Herald: Off Beat - Cycling accross the water will get you noticed

Portland Press Herald: Working with a local cardiologist, Freeport will evaluate the cardiac health of nine firefighters.

IAFC: Diagnostic Heart Test Being Used to Screen Maine FFs

Canadian Firefighter Quarterly: Heart attacks are the biggest killer of firefighters over 40 years old. But new testing and research is available that screens firefighters to determine their risks for cardio incidents. And U.S. cardiologist Dr. Lowell Gerber, the leading researcher for this new testing technology, says even young, fit firefighters should be tested.

The Forecaster: Freeport medic and firefighter Elizabeth Reeves volunteers for a pilot program that would help with early detection of sudden heart failure   


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